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Special Launch Bonuses This Week!


Bound: Book Two of the Traveller’s Path is LIVE!

I’ve been working on this book for a long time, and I’m so pleased to finally see it released. I really hope you find it a worthy sequel to Wilding. I’ve certainly done my best to present you a book I think that you can truly enjoy.

And don’t forget, I have a couple of special launch bonuses to celebrate!

First of all, Wilding is on sale! Hop over to the online booksellers and grab a copy if you haven’t got it yet! You definitely should read it before Bound, as the action in the second book picks up directly from where we left off in Wilding.

Secondly,  I’m offering Rare, Prized, and Feared: Tales from The Traveller’s Path as a free download when you purchase Bound. You’ll find a link at the back of the book for you to download this collection of short (ish) stories and bonus chapters from Wilding. That link will be in the book until July 8th, and after that, it will be gone.

The title of the collection comes from the title of the short story that features Godric, the Unseelie Traveller that Thomas first meets in Wilding. It’s a prequel story that tells the tale of what happened to him in a previous journey to 7th century Northumbria.

Both it and A Woman Grown, another prequel story about the Fey Healer, Nona, are more like novellas than short stories, seeing as they both clock in at around 10,000 words. I wanted to give early purchasers a bonus that reflects my thanks to them!

Plus you’ll get FIVE bonus chapters from Wilding, including my notes on where those chapters fit into the first book and some behind-the-scenes discussions on on them.

So if you want this special collection, don’t delay. You’ve got until July 8th to get it, but after that, I’ll take the link out of the back of the ebook.

(and don’t forget, paperback fans….these bonuses will be available to you, too, once the paperback goes live, so don’t worry, you won’t miss them!)

As always, reviews are very much appreciated! Please do me a favour and drop a review once you are done reading Bound. It really makes a difference in helping the book get seen by more people.

Thank you to all my readers and fans who have encouraged me along the way.

Enjoy the book! I can’t wait to hear what you think!