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L.A. Smith cleverly weaves history and fantasy together in an intriguing tale of Dark Ages religion and magic.

Matthew Harffy, author of The Bernician Chronicles and Wolf of Wessex

What’s It About…

A young man’s shadowed destiny leads him to the past…and could change our world forever. 

On Halloween eve, a frightening encounter with mysterious creatures transports twenty-year old Thomas McCadden to an unknown and ancient world—7th century Britain. How did he get there? What does he do now? The answers to these questions change his life forever, revealing secrets that have long been hidden, and a truth that he would rather not know. As he tries to survive this long-ago time, Thomas encounters the unknown and the otherworldly; an exiled warrior, holy men, tribal kings, and something far more sinister shadowing them all.

Wilding is, for the reader, as immersive and intriguing a journey into 7th-century Britain as it is for the time-travelling hero of the story. – Edoardo Albert, author of Warrior: A Life of War in Anglo-Saxon Britain

Is he a tool for the dark forces of this land? Or the liberator sent to save them all? His strange journey forces these and even more important questions: Can he make it back home? Does he even want to return?

Wilding is the first book of The Traveller’s Path, a meticulously researched historical fantasy series set in Northumbria, AD 642. It introduces a long-ago world, and a young man whose choices could have disastrous ramifications for it—and ours.