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The Traveller’s Path

A historical fantasy set in 7th-century England

Thomas McCadden’s world is falling apart, and things are about to get worse: on Halloween night, he encounters demons who pursue him to Britain 642 AD, where he discovers that he is a wilding Fey; heir to mysterious powers including Travelling through time.

A shocking secret from Thomas’ past is revealed, unmasking the hidden intentions of the Fey King, who seeks to exploit Thomas’ powers for his own purposes.

In order to survive in this distant time and place, Thomas must find the courage to let go of everything familiar and embrace the truth of who he is. Only then will he be able to find his way home. 

Click the links to find out more about the books and where to purchase them:

Wilding: Book One of The Traveller’s Path

Bound: Book Two of the Traveller’s Path

Choice: Book Three of The Traveller’s Path

NEW! MAP of the world of The Traveller’s Path! 

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