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“Sleep and dream, and sleep again
This the night you find your love
This the night you lose it
Sleep and dream, and sleep again
This the night is yours.”

They slept, a smile on their faces, lost in the lovely dreams. They never stirred as Godric entered their house, singing softly under his breath. He gathered the baby from his mother’s arms and slipped out again, the song trailing behind him like a shimmering ribbon in the dark velvet night.

Excerpt From
Rare, Prized, and Feared
L.A. Smith

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Rare, Prized and Feared is a bundle of two short stories featuring characters from the world of The Traveller’s Path, a historical fantasy series set in seventh-century England. You don’t need to have read the books to understand the stories, but these stories will give some rich background information about the two characters featured.

Rare, Prized, and Feared – in AD 622, approximately twenty years before the events in Wilding, the Traveller Godric is plying his trade as a travelling scop. He is enjoying the escape from the pressures of life in 1970, where his father wants him to establish himself in the Unseelie Court. But the discovery of a Fey child born to human parents leads him to make some rash decisions that take him to the brink of disaster.

A Woman Grown – the Fey Healer, Nona, is on her first trip away from home to ply her skills. She longs for adventure. But she gets more than she bargains with when she is forced to Heal the claimant to the Southern Unseelie Throne, who has been struck by an arrow. An encounter with the crazed Saxon warrior who injured the man sends her into the heart of the Unseelie Court, where she quickly gets entangled in political maneuverings that could have grave consequences for both her and the Southern Seelie Court. This story explains why Nona ended up in Bebbanburg, far from her home in Gwynedd, when Wilding begins.