L.A. Smith

Bio: I live in Alberta, Canada, where the long cold winter months are a boost to productivity. When I'm not writing you can find me walking my dog, drinking tea, or knitting; most days, not all at once.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Vanessa says:

    And a GREAT person to hang out with, watching movies, swapping recipes and parenting advice while knitting and having long chats about everything under the sun….Lisa is one of the most brilliant and thoughtful and funny people I know!!!

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  2. Sarah Smith says:

    She is also incredibly compassionate and always has the right words for encouraging. I guess it makes sense that she’s a writer.. 😉

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  3. Sandra Bryant says:


    I look forward to reading your writings, thoughts etc. remembering back to long visits over tea in HUB so many years ago! And to make you jealous we, the 5 of us, were in New Zealand over Christmas and Rachel, Emily (the daughter-in-law) visited Hobbiton while Ed and Jeremy hiked around where Mount Doom was filmed! Take care and keep writing! Hi to Mark.


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    • L.A. Smith says:

      Sandy! So nice to connect with you here!!ah, those HUB days….weren’t they just yesterday?? How fun to actually visit Hobbiton…that would have been so fun! Give my love to your family….


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