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Book Three, Here I Come!

Now that the dust of the launch of Bound has settled I am setting my sights firmly on Book Three and working full steam ahead on the conclusion of The Traveller’s Path trilogy.

I’m not starting from scratch, however. I have already completed a draft of the MS, and during the time I was doing final edits on Bound, I also set aside time each week to do a little work on Book Three. I’m very glad I did that. The third book is the one that needed the most work, so that allowed me to do some thinking about the plot and where I could make it better.

It definitely needed more action and more complications in the plot. And as I thought about the entire series, I knew there were threads that I need to finish up in order to have a satisfactory ending to it all.

Threads like:

Does Thomas get home or not? If not, why not?

Will Thomas be successful in thwarting Wulfram’s plan?

What about Nona?

What about Godric?

What about Nectan, Raegenold, and the rest of the Fey? What part will they play in the final showdown between Thomas and Wulfram?

One of the challenges I have faced in writing the series the way I did (as one whole story to begin with and then breaking it up into three), is that I’ve had to add subplots or develop characters a little more fully here and there to help fill out the plot and to make each book as entertaining as I can. That has had some happy consequences. Godric is one of those characters who has received some extra stage time, and I think the books are better for him having a bigger role.

Nectan, the Seelie King of the North, also got a bigger stage, and I’m glad of that, too. But now I’m considering who else might step onto the main stage to help bring the books to a conclusion. One of the existing characters, or is someone new waiting to find the spotlight? Stay tuned!

Character Development

I really want this last book of the trilogy to be the most satisfying yet. Along with an exciting and intriguing plot, and bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion, this is my last chance to fully explore all of these characters and what makes them tick. I especially want readers to understand more of Thomas and his emotional journey throughout. That means a deep dive into character development.

I’ve discovered a great new tool to do this, the One Stop for Writers, which is really helping me with going deeper into Thomas’ character. What has he learned so far? What does he need to learn in order to fulfill his quest? How will his character flaws and strengths add to the complexity of the book?

I’m excited to explore all of this and bring you a book that will be the best one yet. I don’t want to disappoint my readers! I’m really excited about the plot…the final climax of the book is a doozy!

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And, as always, if you have any thoughts on this or suggestions on what YOU would like to see in Book Three, leave a comment below!