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Wandering through the Web

I’ve fallen behind this week, and came to Friday without even a thought of what to put up on the blog. I really don’t want to just throw something up here for the sake of keeping to my (self-imposed) posting schedule, which is every Friday, but I also hate to not share something with you all.

So, just for fun I thought I would send you to some other spots around the web, and give you a little idea of some of the blogs and websites I visit often.

  1. The Rabbit Room – this blog is probably my favourite place to visit on the web. The brainchild of Andrew Peterson (one of my favourite musicians), this blog is a gathering together of Christian artists, writers, and musicians who celebrate beauty, truth, and excellence in all of the above. The fact that they are all C.S. Lewis fans and Tolkein-lovers and actually bring up Watership Down once an awhile confirms to me that these are my peeps. It’s really, really hard to pick, but here are a couple of my favourite posts from this site:

This Is For All the Lonely Writers – yep. This is me.

Mercies – this post is about one of my favourite books, A Severe Mercy, by Sheldon Vanauken, and is by one of my favourite writers on the Rabbit Room site, Lanier Ivester. It’s also about life and growing up and how a book can change your life.

2. A Pilgrim in Narnia – this site, by fellow Lewis-lover, Brenton Dickeson, is chock-full of interesting tidbits about C.S. Lewis plus a bunch of posts about other things that Brenton finds interesting. He is currently doing a detailed study of all of Lewis’ works in the order in which Lewis wrote them, which is revealing some surprising insights into the creation of those works. Just recently he posted about an important discovery he made about the prologue to The Screwtape Letters, and how it reveals a surprising connection to the Space Trilogy. Really interesting! To say that I’m not jealous that Brenton has actually seen (and handled!) some of Lewis’ manuscripts would be a lie.

3. Heavenfield – good scholarship here on the Early Middle Ages. The blog’s author , Michelle Ziegler, is particularly interested in the early Saints and Kings of the era plus the study of diseases at that time. Here’s an interesting post she put up about King Oswiu (Oswy) recently; and another one about what scientists found while studying the bones of a leper from that era. She doesn’t post often (drat) but it’s always fascinating stuff.

4. Speculative Faith – a blog about exploring speculative fiction from a Christian worldview, including reviews of both Christian and secular speculative fiction, and articles about how as writers we can pursue excellence in this genre. I really enjoyed their recent series on “Story Evangelism” as they had some thought-provoking articles on the whole issue of “should Christian stories evangelize?” I particularly liked this post on the concept of vocation, but all of the posts in the series were good ones.


That’s it for now….I would love to hear from you as to what sites you like to visit! I’m always on the look-out for a place where I can settle down with my cup of tea in hand….