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Reblog: C.S. Lewis on the Paris Attacks

It’s been a week since horror was unleashed in Paris. There have been myriads of words written about this, and in the midst of them all I found this post. As my week has been crazy and this week’s blog post has fallen through the cracks, I thought I would share it with you here. It’s from my fellow Lewis-lover (and scholar!) Brenton Dickinson over at The Pilgrim in Narnia.

Good thoughts here to reflect on, from The Screwtape Letters.  Enjoy.

C.S. Lewis on the Paris Attacks


I’ll be back next week with my Year of Reading Lewis and a review of Mere Christianity….



Featured image: Pray for Paris by AyyaSap on DeviantArt


  1. bookheathen says:

    I fear that, sadly, one cannot fight ‘evil’ with ‘good’ or ‘madness’ with ‘sanity’.

  2. L.A. Smith says:

    Well, I guess if we fight evil with evil and insanity with insanity, we will end up a whole lot worse off! Praying that some light will start to shine on all the dark corners of the world so that goodness and sanity can start to triumph.

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