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Merry Christmas to All!

What a strange and stressful year it’s been.

I don’t know about you, but I need Christmas more than ever this year. But even that will not be the same. Normally we would enjoy two large and riotous family get-togethers. Instead, for the first time since we had children my hubby and I will celebrate Christmas with just the two of us. Current COVID restrictions here in Alberta forbid any household gatherings outside of immediate household members. Sigh. It means that our adult kids who live separately from us will not be able to join us. We are planning some virtual get-togethers will the kids and extended family as well, but still…it won’t be the same.

I know that many of you have suffered over this past year. Perhaps it was economically, physically, spiritually, or psychologically. Maybe all of the above. It’s been tough. I truly hope for those who are suffering that Christmas will come as a quiet blessing and a relief against despair, even with a reduced or different celebration than what you normally have.

As for us, we’ve got the tree and decorations up, and will be cooking a turkey with all the trimmings for two on Christmas day all the same. We’re not going to let COVID steal that joy from us, too.

My prayer for all of you is a peaceful Christmas in which you are able to connect by some means with those you love. Hang on, dear ones, the light is coming!

The blog will go dark for awhile as I step back to recharge over the holidays. But I’ll be back in the New Year with my annual “round-up and look-ahead” post! 

The word “Christmas” was first recorded in AD 1038, making that word an official Anglo-Saxon word (Cristesmæsse, or Christ’s Mass). Just for fun, click HERE if you would like to hear the Christmas story found in Luke 2 read in the Old English of the 11th century. It’s really quite interesting to hear the ancient precursor of our modern English spoken out loud!

Merry Christmas to all. Thank you for sharing this space with me. May God grant you peace and comfort, and give you hope.

Featured image from : Madonna with Baby Jesus, from the Book of Kells, 7th-8th century.