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Introducing: News from the Path

As I explained previously, I aim to publish my novel, Wilding, in October of this year.

As I explore the wild and daunting world of self-publication, one piece of advice keeps coming up: have an author newsletter. The idea is that this allows you to have a dedicated list of readers and fans whom you can easily connect with, giving them bonuses such as extra chapters from your books, or contests, as well as allowing you to inform them of your book’s progress.

So, I have taken this advice.  Today I am launching my author newsletter, News from the Path.


I know that people hate to be spammed. And so I will endeavour to make this newsletter interesting, and hopefully useful, to those who sign up. I will publish about once a month, unless there is urgent news to share.

So…with all that in mind, here is what I propose to include in my newsletter:*

  • What I’m into this month: I’ll share something that tweaked my interest that month. It might be related to books or reading, or to 7th century Britain, or to writing; or it might be something completely different. But I hope it will be interesting to you!
  • Books I’m reading: I review some of the books I read on the blog, but not all. I thought you might like to see what other books I’m reading as well.
  • E-Books for sale: I’ll share a few of the treasures I’ve found of books on sale that either look interesting to me or ones I have read and liked. You might find some treasures of your own!
  • Just for subscribers: Occasionally subscribers will get perks that won’t be available elsewhere. Deleted scenes, opportunity to be on the launch team, special contests, and more!

A little not-so-subliminal persuasion…

I aim to keep the newsletter short, but interesting! I hope you will sign up.  I think it will be fun!

To subscribe, you can sign up at the pop-up form that appears when you navigate to my page. If you are reading this on your phone, tap the banner to expand the form so you can fill in your details.

Also there is a link on the right of my page that will take you to where you can sign up. Finally, I will include a link in every post, to make it easy. You will see the icon below, hyperlinked to my newsletter sign up form.

Don’t forget, you can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter @las_writer.  I’m not hugely active on those two platforms but I am trying to be more intentional of showing my face there more often. You will get notifications of my blog posts there but I also try to provide interesting information or just fun tidbits that you might not get here.

I’m excited about the possibility of connecting in a different way with my readers. I hope you join in!

*As I get going I may tweak these a bit, it will depend on feedback and on how I think it is resonating with readers. So don’t be afraid to let me know!