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Christ’s Cross – a Celtic Prayer

It is Good Friday today, the day when Christians commemorate the death of Christ on the cross.

The image of the cross was very important in Celtic Christianity, as a symbol of the faith and as an object to be venerated. There is much to be explored on that theme, and I would like to do more in other blog posts. But seeing as this day is more about contemplation and meditation, I would prefer to offer you a Celtic prayer, attributed to Columbcille, a monk of the early British Church. It is abridged a bit from the whole.

You can learn much about the Celts practice of the faith and the way they looked at the world by studying this prayer, but today I would rather you pray it than study it.

May your eyes be on the good Christ and His sacrifice today.

Christ’s Cross

Christ’s cross over this face, and thus over my ear. Christ’s cross over this eye. Christ’s cross over this nose.

Christ’s cross to accompany me before. Christ’s cross to accompany me behind me. Christ’s cross to meet every difficulty both on hollow and hill. 

Christ’s cross eastwards facing me. Christ’s cross back towards the sunset. In the north, in the south, increasingly may Christ’s cross straightway be. 

Christ’s cross up to broad Heaven. Christ’s cross down to earth. Let no evil or hurt come to my body or my soul. 

Christ’s cross over me as I sit. Christ’s cross over me as I lie. Christ’s cross be all my strength until we reach the King of Heaven. 

Christ’s cross over my community. Christ’s cross over my church. Christ’s cross in the next world; Christ’s cross in this. 

From the top of my head to the nail of my foot, O Christ, against every danger I trust in the protection of the cross. 

Till the day of my death, before going into this clay, I shall draw without…

Christ’s cross over this face. 


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