Where in the world are my words?

If you are looking to read my work, thank you! Here are some places I have been published: 

“Why?”, “Here the Battle is Joined”, “The Betrayal”, and “Counting the Cost”;  In The Beginning, anthology by FaithWriters.com, 2005

“February 13th, 269, AD”, A Year of Celebration, anthology by FaithWriters.com, 2005

“May 30th, 1845”, and “Five Points Taxi”,  Journey of Faith, anthology by FaithWriters.com, 2006

“The End of All Things”, Inspiration at Your Fingertips, anthology by FaithWriters.com,  2006

“What the Wind Blew In”, The Sword Review, Issue 18, September 2006 (alas, this online zine is now defunct…)

“Paradise Falls”, The Sword Review, Issue 21, December 2006

“The Coffin”, Perspectives Magazine, January 2007 (also defunct)

“The Colour of Love”, Abundance of Life, anthology by FaithWriters.com, 2007

“Counterweight”, Setting the Scene, Polar Expressions Publishing, 2013

“In The Green Wood”, and “Bound”, In Places Between, anthology by The Imaginative Fiction Writers Assoc., 2014. These stories won 3rd and 1st places, respectively, in the Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest, put on by the When Words Collide Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

“Musica Universalis”, That Golden Summer, Polar Expressions Publishing, 2014

“A Woman Scorned”, Havok Magazine 2.2, Splickety Publishing Group, April, 2015.

And here are a couple short stories I did for my friend Megan Eccles 1000 Words Challenge in October 2013 (I wanted to do more, but it’s hard to write a thousand word story every day! I did start a couple more and finished them later, I might just post some on my blog for fun.) The idea was to take the photo prompt and write a story about it:

“A Sign”  – this one is a chapter from my novel! 



Saturday Shorts – occasionally on a Saturday I will post a short story here on the blog, just for fun.

This Strange Thing Called Fear

2 thoughts on “Where in the world are my words?

  1. Vanessa says:

    This is starting to look like a hefty portfolio. No slouch, you!!!!


  2. L.A. Smith says:

    Heh heh…I was kinda surprised when i listed it all, too!


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